Time passes, our requirements, priorities, lifestyle and the society, too, changes with respect to it. This evolving society changed me too and transformed me into a detective. I was considered the first detective lady, who was mounting towards eminence. The belief that a lady cannot be a detective was strongly prevalent in our Indian society. This was the largest snag in my career. But as people saw my work and time passed, people started admiring my efforts towards the contribution to society. Primarily, there were mixed reactions on the view; whether to reward detectives. Nevertheless, one award made the difference and many came my way gradually. I was called on TV on various channels for interviews and discussions. These promoted to my field significantly. I came in contact with the downtrodden of the society as I was preferred for various ad films and awards.

There was no equipment of detective training in India; no training agencies. I stepped into this world only on the basis of my will power, perseverance, courage, exceptional perspective and my quick decision making ability. These qualities helped me to establish myself and develop in this field. As I was progressing in my business I came across various diverse cases. Each case differed in its own way.

Each case had some experiences in store for me. I had read some years ago, ‘A detective is born, not made’. And this proved exactly right in my way. Intelligence is what a person cannot get by learning, but by life. No great teacher can teach you to think smart, act accordingly and solve the case. All naturally. Each day you get a new case; and in many of them, you have to play a dual role. Like a teacher and student both. Decision making as per the circumstance is very essential in the making of a detective. Any cases can ask you for a solution. Finding out if a school or college going student is going around in bad company, investigating about one’s pre marital life or snitching one’s extra marital affair, following a company’s performance or searching out a secret of a company; all are a part of a detective’s life.

Such cases can be experienced by a detective and the most important factor is guidance and so I have authored two books so as to channel detectives. I received awards for these books too. Different crisis occur in our society. Resolving them means approaching Rajani Pandit.

No crime can prevail where there is Rajani Pandit…

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